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Reveal your team’s speaking talents

The exceptional public speaking training by Mary May is crafted to enable every participant to uncover and showcase numerous unique talents in public speaking within just 1 day. Moreover, throughout the training, participants will acquire a set of tools that will empower them to present your business, your products, and your mission with a renewed level of excellence.

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Contact us now and take advantage of our exclusive summer offer for your team’s training.

Are you considering if you need it?
Then we invite you to experience a FREE up to 90 min workshop* with Mary May, where your team will get acquainted with the essential principles of public speaking and discover their own capabilities.

This session will provide valuable and practical advice that your team can immediately implement, regardless of whether you choose to pursue further learning or not.

*The FREE workshop is available for groups of 30 people or more.

* All trainings and workshops can be conducted in Lithuanian and English languages.

When a team discovers unique speaking talents within their colleagues and recognizes the importance of constructive speech analysis, the entire business embarks on a exhilarating journey, gaining new found momentum in every public situation.” – Mary May


Master the art of instantly captivating and holding the audience’s attention.


Explore and gain expertise in unlocking the power of their voice and its remarkable abilities.


Acquire the ability to construct and deliver clear, consistent, and impactful messages.


Practice vibrant speaking and intentional use of their entire body.


Explore the power of fear and learn how to harness it to become stronger.


Learn to tell stories that have the power to transform people’s lives.

Your team will also:

Captivate attention with powerful speech / Convey emotions through their words / Become engaging presenters/ Unleash their talents / Learn to analyze their speeches and become their own best coaches / Discover how to create vivid speeches / Master the art of crafting clear and impactful content/ Eliminate weak language usage / Experience the power of pauses / Conclude their speeches with strength / Practice conscious movement on stage / Apply techniques while staying true to themselves.

About Marija May

Marija May helps some of the most renowned Lithuanian and international companies (Telia, LinkedIn, Adidas, BMW, Vinted, Wix, Siemens, etc.), entrepreneurs, politicians, TEDx speakers, and anyone aspiring to speak effectively.

For several years, Marija was a trainer at „Own the Room,” one of the world’s most prominent public speaking schools. Together with talented instructors, she conducted training sessions in major cities worldwide, including London, New Jersey, Vienna, and many others.

She dedicates over 90 days per year to meditation and self-improvement. Marija has walked 850 km on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. She has been studying various psychological streams for over 8 years and is continuously advancing her knowledge.

What makes Marija May’s teachings special?

Modern, precise skills development methodology

For several years, Marija has been a trainer for „Own the Room,” one of the most renowned public speaking organizations in the world. Therefore, she has accumulated training experience both in Lithuania and worldwide. Working with top-level trainers and global companies such as Wix, Vinted, BMW, and others, Marija has developed exceptional training quality. In her workshops, you will find the active engagement characteristic of the U.S. business culture, the integration of humor, and transformative methodologies.

Incredible rapid growth

After just one day of training, your team will be able to:
– engage and captivate any audience;
– present complex ideas in a simple, clear, and interesting manner;
– enhance their impact through voice and body language;
– create short, engaging, and inspiring stories;
– harness stage fright to empower themselves as speakers.

They will become their own coaches

They will learn to recognize their own and their colleagues’ strengths and consciously identify areas for improvement. They will be able to request, accept, and consider feedback, giving them the tools to continually grow, even after the training is complete.

Feedback from a world-class trainer

Marija works not only with top-level speakers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and actors but also with teams and leaders of some of the world’s largest organizations (such as Wix, TiVo, Adidas, and others). She also provides consulting services to TEDx speakers. During the training, your team will receive valuable feedback, enabling them to quickly discover their strengths and areas for improvement, ultimately becoming excellent speakers.

Your team will be at least 5 filming sessions during the training

During this training day, the participants will be filmed at least five times. The intensive and self-reflective methodology allows each participant to witness how effectively applying new skills reveals their unique personality and innate potential for impact. Therefore, after just one day of training, participants gain a clear understanding of the benefits of public speaking techniques and start applying them in real-life situations.

They will uncover their unique talents

I believe that true strength and joy in speaking can only be achieved by those who discover their authentic speaking style. By having faith in their message and allowing themselves to express it fully, they become strong, liberated, and fulfilled communicators.

Get in touch right now

Contact us now and take advantage of our exclusive summer offer for your team’s training.

Are you considering if you need it?
Then we invite you to experience a FREE up to 90 min workshop* with Mary May, where your team will get acquainted with the essential principles of public speaking and discover their own capabilities.

What leaders and business owners say about Marija

More than 1000 individuals have successfully finished this program,
leaving it adorned with a stellar 5 ⭐ rating.
You can discover a collection of testimonials showcasing their experiences here.
The remaining part can be found on Marija’s Facebook profile.

I enjoyed everything very much. There was a lot of theory that resonated with me deeply. It was truly beneficial. These are the best public speaking courses I have attended (and I have attended quite a few).
Milda Mitkutė
Co-founder of „Vinted” company
Yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed Marija’s public speaking training all day long. It was an amazing course! I couldn’t help but marvel at her ease and flexibility of consciousness. It was a true celebration to be in a training that offered a minimum of theory and a maximum of experiences. Strong experiences! There are talents around us that you won’t find within a thousand kilometers, but often we seek answers far from home.
Rinardas Goda
Co-founder of „Tegra” company
Thank you, Marija! The training allowed me to look at gestures from a different perspective, not be afraid of them, and better prepare for future presentations.
Monika Laukaitė
Organization’s „WIX” leader

Fantastic course! Marija herself is a perfect example of public speaking, and by observing her, you learn in every moment. Even the most reserved individuals emerged from their shells, surprised by the newfound courage and willingness to try. A great balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application.
Vaida Jurkonienė
Marketing Director at Telia Lietuva
By engaging in all the practical exercises, I felt secure within the atmosphere created by Marija and the hunger for learning. There was an abundance of hands-on practice during the training! The approach was not about reaching the bottom but rather learning to swim faster and better.“
Martynas Keršanskas
„The „SEB bank” HR Manager
At the end of the day, when we evaluated our progress, we were amazed. Marija not only delivers crucial theoretical knowledge and immediately encourages us to put it into practice, but she also strengthens the team and teaches each of us to help our colleagues discover their inner strength in public speaking.
Agila Barzdienė
Head of the „Kurk Lietuvai” program

What to expect from the training?

·  8 hours of training with a world-class trainer,

·  Filming and receiving live feedback,

· Engaging in over 25 practical exercises in pairs and groups,

·  Learning to enhance impact through voice and body


·  Learning to create engaging and inspiring stories,

·  Learning to analyze speeches and become self-trainers for


·  Experiencing and exploring many other nuances of


The training program is adapted based on the size of your

team to ensure that each participant gains the maximum


Learning takes place in:

– Groups of 12-18 participants,

– Groups of 18-30 participants,

– Groups of 30-100 participants,

– Groups of 100-400 participants.

Get in touch right now

Contact us now and take advantage of our exclusive summer offer for your team’s training.

Are you considering if you need it?
Then we invite you to experience a FREE up to 90 min workshop* with Mary May, where your team will get acquainted with the essential principles of public speaking and discover their own capabilities.Susisiekite dabar ir gaukite vasaros pasiūlymą jūsų kolektyvo mokymams.

Public speaking is another doorway to self-discovery. Along the way, you learn the art of influence, storytelling, mastering voice and body language, and many other remarkable skills. However, ultimately, what captivates is the essence of the speaker.

Marija May

Other opportunities for learning together include:

Conversations with Marija

Marija May constantly shares her knowledge through radio shows, conferences, and podcasts. By listening to them, you can learn a great deal. Dive in and immerse yourself in the wealth of information she provides.

Stilius: A career climbing rapidly but lacking in happiness, public speaking expert: I had to admit, I felt unfulfilled. „About Social Media Posts and Why We See Mirages Instead of Reality“
LRytas TV: „How to create a speech in 30 seconds?“ „How to be heard, speak impactfuly, and gather not only everyone’s eyes and ears but also their hearts?“
iDialogue: „Jazz in life – only by mastering fears.“.
GoSpeak: „Emotions and charisma“.
Išdrįsk pradėti: „Choose Courage: The Influence of Inner Freedom on Your Success“
Jurgis interviu: „How to speak persuasively?“
Saulius interviu: „Overcome the fear of public speaking!“ „Don’t let emotions control your life.“
Žilvinas Butkevičius: „Public speaking. How to overcome fears?“ „You cannot become happy solely through the efforts of your willpower.“
Kultūringai su Nomeda: „About Leadership“

Žinių radijas: „How to overcome the fear of public speaking?“
15min.: „What power does public speaking hold and how to learn it?“
Verslo klasė:„How to overcome the fear of public speaking?“
Išdrįsk pradėti:„How to harness fear to become stronger?“
Žmonė„The fear of public speaking can be overcome.“

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Paremta žmogaus fiziologija, neuromokslu ir dvasinėmis praktikomis.
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